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Roof Installation in Orange County NY

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Roof Installation in Orange County NY

Roof Installation in Orange County NY

There’s no way to downplay the importance of a roof. For any building, it provides strength, protection, and beauty. Therefore, it’s no wonder why choosing the right roofing system is a difficult choice sometimes. H0wever, any roof installation in Orange County NY can become easier with our help.

Luna Siding & Roofing, Inc. has helped countless home and business owners to find the best type of roofing for their properties. By using the best materials and methods, our team combines beauty, functionality, and strength in order to protect your structure.

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We’re one of the most trusted roofing contractors in the area. As such, we understand what your home or business needs from a roof. Our roof installation and replacement services have proven to be successful for many years.

But then, we’ll see how our professionals can help you. If you’ve already decided what type of roof you want, call us for a free estimate or fill our contact form on this page.

Why a roof installation in Orange County NY is better with us

Installing a new roof requires time, skill, but most of allInstalling a new roof requires time, skill, but most of all, attention to detail. Installation errors are one of the primary causes of roof leaks. Thus, you need to get someone whom you can trust. That’s why working with Luna Siding & Roofing, Inc. means getting the best services around. Let’s see what a new roof built by our team can do for you.

High-quality materials every time

Obviously, the quality of materials is a manufacturer thing. However, there are many storm chasers out there, who promise too much and deliver too little. Such people would make a lousy installation even when using high-quality materials.

For this reason, as roofing contractors, we commit to deliver the best quality in everything we do. Our professionals are known for using the best techniques to build top-quality roofing systems. Moreover, we’re highly experienced in different types of roofs. At Luna Siding, we can help you with:

  • Shingle roof installation/repairs
  • Metal roof installation/repairs
  • Steel roof installation/repairs
  • Roof maintenance services
  • Complete roof replacements
  • Siding installation services
  • And more

Indeed, each type of roof needs a different installation method. In a similar way, there are different challenges that arise from working with asphalt shingles or metal sheets alike. As such, your roof deserves professionals that know how to get the desired results.

Thus, don’t hesitate and call Luna Siding and Roofing, Inc. to use the best materials for your roof installation in Orange County NY.

The best protection for your property

The best protection for your propertyClearly, one of the main features of the best roofing materials is their strength. After all, it’s what makes them the ideal protection for your property.

Now, if we talk about residential work, your family’s safety is a must. Therefore, having a solid, safe, and reliable roof is simply nothing to play with. There’s nothing worse than thinking your family might be at risk with a falling roof. Thus, it’s necessary that you tackle all doubts from the installation.

That’s why working with Luna Siding is your best choice. Our team will give you a new roof estimate based on your needs and wants Then, we’ll do a thorough inspection of the structure in order to list what it truly needs.

In this, way, we’ll be able to deliver a roof installation in Orange County NY tailored to your home.

On the other hand, what if you already have a nice house and a roofing system? Obviously, your roof deteriorates over time. So, keeping control of the state of your roof is quite useful. In fact, the best times to inspect your roof are before and after winter, and after any storms.

Thus, our experts will inspect your roof and spot any imperfections that hinder its stability. For our crew, the wellbeing of your home, and thus the safety of your family and assets is our #1 priority. As such, we’ll give you a roof estimate for any repairs and replacements needed.

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Quick, friendly, and dependable roof contractors

When choosing the right company, many people just think about the price. However, this tends to result in repeated disappointment. Usually, unreliable people promise a cheap price that seems attractive at first, only to end up using bad quality materials or unreliable methods.

At the end, instead of having the roof you wanted, you’ll have larger bills to pay in the long run.

Indeed, the price, though important, doesn’t tell you everything about whom you’re hiring. Thus, there are many other traits that you should look for in your roofer. For this reason, Luna Siding & Roofing, Inc. takes special care of every roof installation in Orange County NY.

We’ve established a strong reputation due to the quality of our services and the excellent results we provide. It doesn’t matter if it’s a house or a business, or a new or old roof. Our experts are committed to making every roofing job:


Our experts will assist you right away, as soon as you call. Whenever you need roof installation, maintenance, or repair, we’ll be there. Moreover, remember that your safety is our priority. So, if you feel that your roof represents a danger in its current state, don’t hesitate and call us.


Here at Luna Siding, it’s important for us to have a friendly approach. We love what we do and we’re glad that we can put our talents to good use for your property. In addition, our experts will keep you well-informed in every stage. We know that your roof is an important investment. Thus, we’ll be the partner you look for your roofing needs.


For most homeowners, trust is everything. Whatever home improvement needs you have, hiring a contractor is a relationship of trust. For this reason, our crew values your trust and doesn’t spare any efforts to deliver the results you need. You can rest assured that you will have the roof that you need.

With Luna Siding & Roofing, Inc. you’ll have the best roof installation in Orange County NY. Get in touch with us and see our excellent services. The strong, safe, and long-lasting roof that you need is one call away.


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