Get the best advice for your deck maintenance needs
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Get the best advice for your deck maintenance needs

Sunny days are over, and you have received a very well treat from your deck. After this hot summer, your deck has suffered many damages even though you can’t see them. Snowy days and Christmas are around the corner, and it’s time to return the favor to your deck. With the snow, problems will arise if you’re not careful enough, your deck can sustain irreparable damages in this coming season. Here are a few helpful tips for a proper deck maintenance for this winter.

Professional deck maintenance tips

Professional deck maintenance tipsKeep it clean

Take advantage of the last sunny afternoons to clean your deck. As the first step of cleaning it, you must store the furniture. Then, you just simply grab a broom and sweep the debris on the surface. With this, you can easily remove the dust of your deck.

However, you have to remove the moisture that encourages mildew or discoloration of your deck. Preparing or buying a good deck wash solution will remove moisture, mildew, mold, and stains making it look like new and preparing it for winter.

Apply water repellents

To give the best protection to your deck, you can apply a water repellent. In fact, a high-quality water repellent will give you this extra protection to fill cracks and coat your deck surface acting as a shield against ice.

Applying the repellent will require the removal of prior finishes to have a better protective effect in your deck. For instance, your deck will look like new and it will be ready to be used at the end of the season.

Cover it with a tarp

Many people overlook this deck maintenance tip. Keep your deck protected by covering it with a tarp in this coming harsh winter months. Basically, the tarp will work as a barrier from the excesses of snow and moisture. Covering it with a trap will protect your deck from ice that can make the cracks in your deck worse.

Remove snow

tips for having ready your Deck

Finally, it is important to remove the accumulation of snow on your house. In fact, Orange County, NY is always affected by winter, getting 45 inches of snow per year. So, you should use a broom or shovel to remove accumulated snow anytime you notice it on your deck. In addition, avoid the use of salt or other ice melting product since they may cause damage or discoloration to the surface.

These are some deck maintenance tips for the upcoming winter. Giving it some attention and following these tips will help to protect your deck and having it ready for the bright days of spring. In case you need a high-quality professional help, give us a call at Luna Siding and Roofing Inc.

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